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Kimia T.          Rating:5          6/6/2014


I have been going to this Karate class for 6 months now and its been an amazing experience! I have been to a lot of classes before but without a doubt this one is different. Sensei Malaki believes that in most karate classes in North America they do not teach real Karate and they need to change the name of their classes from "karate class" to "Fun class". After going to other karate classes to watch, I understand what he was saying in his class. He always has tons of information and encourages us to learn more and practice harder and ask questions. He always says that for each question in Shotokan Karate there is an answer. 

Sensei Malaki believes and try hard to teach his students that how they can apply karate in real life and in real life no one will be successful based on "fun". He always says : "the path of success has no short cuts". In Shotokan Karate Academy, Karate students learn not to give up and they will learn to try hard to achieve their goals and this is the ultimate reason to practice karate.
Sensei Ehsan Malaki is the representative of Shotokan Karate International Federation in British Columbia. He is 5th degree black belt with 35+ years of karate experience and former karate BC coach.
I highly recommend Shotokan Karate Academy for students who are serious about learning karate and remember Shotokan Karate Academy is no place for fun. It is a place to practice hard and learn true Japanese Martial Arts

Kevin T.          Rating:5          6/15/2014


I met Sensei Malaki a few years ago while my son was attending another Karate Class, soon afterwards we applied with him and we haven't changed since. After he left in 2011 we could not find an instructor as good as him and we waited until he opened up his new dojo. It was the best idea, if you're looking  to learn the way of real Japanese Karate, this is the one for you. It's not just about punching and kicking, it's about learning and using this information in your life. In the class, there is no such thing as fun or games, it is straight discipline no matter what age you are and it is definitely the most serious karate class my son has ever attended. If you're looking for the Japanese Karate experience, this is the one for you.

Daniel T.          Rating:5          6/23/2014


As a father of a seven year old boy it was my duty to find the best instructor who could teach my son discipline, concentration, as well as self-defense art; a true role model who implements those values in his life. I was looking for a place that apprentices are polite and listen attentively to their master. I am so glad to find Shotokan Karate Academy in North Vancouver BC. Sensei Malaki is an official representative of Shotokan Karate-Do Federation in British Columbia with more than 35 years of experience. He has received his 5th degree black belt from the renowned master Hirokazu Kanazawa. He is a brilliant master that I highly recommend to whomever strives to improve himself.

Erin G.          Rating:5          8/18/2014


Every week I attend Sensei Ehsan's class in North Vancouver, making the extra-long transit trip there and back, an hour each way, when I know there are classes a lot closer to where I live; but those classes do not have Sensei Ehsan, and I do not want to learn Karate the half-hazard way.  Sensei Ehsan is a lion in the Dojo, and a lamb outside of it; it is so obvious to me how much he loves Karate, as he shows it in the way in which he teaches it: fiercely, passionately, with precision, expertise, and the expectation that his students will give nothing less than their all, will take the craft as seriously as he does, and will never give up. As a professional musician and actor, I  appreciate what separates the average from the best, and the level of practice and dedication that is required to master a skill; I've never encountered anyone who does a better job of relaying this  sentiment to their students than Sensei Ehsan.  If you are looking for serious Karate training, and want to be the best at what you do, inside the Dojo and out, this class is for you.

Daniel K.          Rating:5          10/18/2014


I've been attending this class since around February and I can tell anyone and everyone that this is hands down the best Karate Class in Vancouver and potentially all of Canada. This is not a place for fun or games, kids and adults alike take this class very seriously and a lot of hard work and appreciation is needed for this class. Sensei Malaki believes that knowledge is power and as such while training physical attributes, he also trains mental aspects as well. This is traditional Karate, and I haven't been more pleased by any other class.

It will help you be a stronger person, both in body and mind. It will also teach you discipline and respect to the highest degree.
If you're looking to really learn Karate and the highest prestige, then this is the place for you.

Bob P.          Rating:5          10/24/2014


For many years I tried finding a great instructor for my two boys aged 9 and 12.  If you are between the ages of 5 to 100 this is the place for you.
I have previous experience in Karate and wanted a place that actually teaches students and NOT just a place that babysits and takes money for handing out belts.  The instructors are the best.  
They care about the sport, the students, and all that should be attached to the Art.  This is not a place of play, but a place to learn.  You will become stronger as a person, both mentally and physically.
The instructors love what they do and give it their 100% every time.
I strongly recommend this to anyone wanting to become a better person.  They will make you more disciplined, stronger, focused and over all a much better individual.
If you are looking for a great place to learn martial arts, forget everywhere else that you have seen or been to and at least do yourself a favor and go see one class.  
You won't regret this decision.
You can try a few complimentary classes, but you must have a karate gi (uniform).
Once again, to recap, this is a place I would recommend to anyone considering karate and martial arts for themselves and children!  I have NO REGRETS.
God bless you both for everything you do and the time and patience you give to your students every time.

Carlos B.          Rating:5          02/17/2015


As a father of a 13 year old karateka and as a former karateka I can say without hesitation that Ehsan Malaki is the best Shotokan Karate Sensei I have ever met. His knowledge about karate and his discipline are unparalleled after comparing to several other karate dojos. Sensei Malaki’s training transcends beyond the typical punching and kicking and truly becomes an art where karate is a way of life. My son and I were devastated to hear that due to a medical emergency he would have to close his dojo indefinitely. My son is currently training at another dojo and even though the classes there are very good, he really misses Sensei Malaki’s method. We hope we will have the privilege to have him as my son’s Sensei again in the future.

Kia J.          Rating:5          03/27/2016


I am a 26 year old guy who knows Sensei Malaki since forever. I've had the privilege to call him Sensei and started practicing under his guidance when I was 7 until he moved to Canada in 1998. The man I am today is because of what I have learned in his Dojo. Shotokan Karate-Do goes way beyond punching, kicking and getting in shape. Karate is about focus, balance, stability, dedication,and discipline. It teaches you how to be humble and civilized. It's a way of life and Sensei Malaki is the shining light that guides you through every step of the way. Sensei Ehsan Malaki is the official representative of Shotokan Karate International Federation in British Columbia. He is 5th degree black belt with 35+ years of karate experience. His passion, vast knowledge, dedication and discipline makes him the perfect master of the art. As others have mentioned his classes are no joke. If you wish to have fun, learn to throw a few punches and play games, this class isn't for you. You will earn your belt with hard work, sweat and possibly "tears (or at least that's how I remember)".

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