Welcome to Shotokan Karate Academy

We believe in the traditional values of karate and want to pass on the knowledge and benefits of this martial art. We are passionate about karate and want to show others the benefits of incorporating it into their lifestyle.


Karate is for everybody, adults and children;  it is never too late to start learning karate.

We cordially invite you to come to our class, where focus is on respect, self control, self-confidence, concentration, as well as physical fitness and mental development.


By practicing karate you will improve your strength, balance, circulation, coordination, energy, and flexibility, while calming the mind and sensing a connection to life in general. Karate trains the mind as well as the body, resulting in improved self-awareness, discipline and confidence.


Karate students set and accomplish goals, which also give them more confidence in everyday life. Karate teaches how to handle pressure, by applying a little bit at a time, so you will push your limits and feel good about trying something you have never imagined you could.


As a result of karate training, you will gain both physical and mental balance, and control. Control is a result of focus, concentration, and confidence. Through the efforts of repetitive karate training, people learn their limitations - emotions such as anger and fear may never leave a person completely, but it becomes possible to control them.


Our focus is practicing "Traditional Karate" and not "Sport Karate". "Traditional Karate" has 3 main sections that should be considered and valued equally in any traditional karate classes:


  • Kihon (基本)

    • "Kihon" is a Japanese term meaning "basics" or "fundamentals." The term is used to refer to the basic techniques and is the foundation of Karate. In another word; Kihon can be considered as the alphabet of karateThe practice of Kihon is essential to all advanced training, and includes the practice of correct body form and breathing, while practicing basics such as stances (Dachi), punches (Tsuki), kicks (Geri), strikes (Uchi) and blocks (Uke).


  • Kata ( 形 )

    • "Kata" is often described as a set sequence of karate moves organized into a pre-arranged fight against imaginary opponents. The kata consists of kicks, punches, sweeps, strikes and blocks. Body movement in various kata includes stepping, twisting, turning, dropping to the ground and jumping.


  • Kumite (組手)

    • In "Kata" we learn only the body movements and the use of techniques for attacks and blocks with imaginary opponent. In "Kumite" we learn to apply all the techniques found in "Kata" against one or many real opponents.


Additional benefits of traditional karate for children:

The self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-control a child develops today, will largely determine their level of happiness and success as an adult. Authentic Japanese karate can aid your child in developing those qualities, and more. It can contribute to a child’s better behavior, listening skills, ambition, and physical fitness. Equally important in today’s world, it also equips your child with self-defense skills that empower your child when threatened by a stranger, the school ground bully, peer pressure or such.


At our karate club, we provide constant instruction, supervision and guidance. We want our students to be safe and successful.

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