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Shotokan Karate Academy

Welcome to Shotokan Karate Academy

We believe in the values of karate and want to pass on the knowledge and benefits of this martial art. We are passionate about karate and want to show others the benefits of incorporating it into their lifestyle.


Karate is for everybody, adults and children;  it is never too late to start learning karate.

We cordially invite you to come to our class, where focus is on respect, self control, self-confidence, concentration, as well as physical fitness and mental development.

By practicing karate you will improve your strength, balance, circulation, coordination, energy, and flexibility, while calming the mind and sensing a connection to life in general. Karate trains the mind as well as the body, resulting in improved self-awareness, discipline and confidence.

At our dojo, we provide constant instruction, supervision and guidance. We want our students to be safe and successful.

In our dojo we offer the opportunity for students to focus on practicing either "Traditional Karate" or "Sport Karate", or both for those who would like to experience even greater benefit in their practice.

  • Traditional Karate

Traditional Karate students set and accomplish goals, which also give them more confidence in everyday life. Karate teaches how to handle pressure, by applying a little bit at a time, so you will push your limits and feel good about trying something you have never imagined you could.


As a result of traditional karate training, you will gain both physical and mental balance and control. Control is a result of focus, concentration, and confidence. Through the efforts of repetitive karate training, people learn their limitations - emotions such as anger and fear may never leave a person completely, but it becomes possible to control them.

Our "traditional karate" classes are led by Sensei Ehsan Malaki. He is current official representative of the Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation (SKIF) in British Columbia and chief instructor of "Shotokan Karate Academy". He brings a deep knowledge, insight and passion for the traditional art of Shotokan karate.

  • Sport Karate

"Sport Karate" incorporates elements of "traditional karate", but with primary emphasis placed on preparing students for point-style competition. Sport karate is more about competition and scoring points and mainly focuses on the competitive or Sport side of karate.

Our students are trained to compete at all levels of competition, including both Kata and Kumite. Our training is focused on building speed, precision, strength and endurance through learning and applying sparring techniques that are adapted from the roots of "traditional karate".


Our goal in "sport karate" is to help our students gain physical and mental fitness, improve self confidence, and prepare them for eventual competition. “Sport Karate” is both physically and mentally challenging, and can be done separately or in combination with "traditional karate".


Shotokan Karate Academy got 14 medals in 2023 Victoria Open Championships!


8 Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze!

Congratulations to all competitors, coaches and volunteers. Keep up the good work!

Congradulations to Nathalie Chaloin!

She won the Overall Female Athlete award at the 4th Victoria Open Karate Championships on June 4th,2023.

Shotokan Karate Academy, North Vancouver, BC
Traditional Karate
Sport Karate
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